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On 14-6-2018 14:46, Thad Guidry wrote:
> Hi Martin !
> "no, ProductModel is not an attribute, it is a class in its own right."
> Yes, that's what our current modeling simplifies to since it borrowed 
> the top level from RDF.
> And that's where you have your opinion and others politely disagree 
> and have their own opinion, that Model is an attribute or trait of the 
> type Product.  But that is fine ! We have dealt with it and things are 
> published now. No worries!
> I was just referring to also having an Attribute or Trait as a Meta 
> Type.  Where could have had it, but chose to simplify the 
> hierarchy for various reasons.
> "Type" - a kind of thing - A class, also often called a 'Type'; 
> equivalent to rdfs:Class.
>   * "Attribute" or maybe "Trait" - Piece(s) of information that
>     determine the properties of a Type. - A quality or feature of a Thing
>       o "Property" - A property, used to indicate
>         *<strikethrough>*attributes and*</strikethrough>
>         *relationships of some Thing; equivalent to rdf:Property.
> I would have hung Properties off of an Attribute or Trait, and maybe I 
> would have removed SubClasses.
> All the best man, still respect your valuable efforts !
> -Thad

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