Re: and OWL

Hi Martin !

"no, ProductModel is not an attribute, it is a class in its own right."

Yes, that's what our current modeling simplifies to since it borrowed the
top level from RDF.
And that's where you have your opinion and others politely disagree and
have their own opinion, that Model is an attribute or trait of the type
Product.  But that is fine !  We have dealt with it and things are
published now. No worries!

I was just referring to also having an Attribute or Trait as a Meta Type.
Where could have had it, but chose to simplify the hierarchy for
various reasons.

"Type" - a kind of thing - A class, also often called a 'Type'; equivalent
to rdfs:Class.

   - "Attribute" or maybe "Trait" - Piece(s) of information that determine
   the properties of a Type. - A quality or feature of a Thing

   - "Property" - A property, used to indicate *<strikethrough>*attributes
      and*</strikethrough> *relationships of some Thing; equivalent to

I would have hung Properties off of an Attribute or Trait, and maybe I
would have removed SubClasses.

All the best man, still respect your valuable efforts !

Received on Thursday, 14 June 2018 12:46:47 UTC