Re: Newsletter & Call for Papers WebSci'18

Hi Peter,

> Someone then needs to put together a description of how all it works, and
> build a checker that an HTML5 document meets the requirements of some
> particular publishing format

We are definitely in agreement here.

> and show that these self-contained documents
> render correctly on different platforms, even platforms with limited
> resources, and also render correctly when printed

As you know, this is not the case for all PDFs either,
but compliance checkers can indeed be very helpful there.

(It's a real-world problem BTW:
had an issue thie weekend printing PDFs I was reviewing for ESWC.)

> And there has to be some assurance that this will continue
> to be the case.

I don't think that will be a problem,
given that HTML documents from the 1990s still render fine on my browser,
and that I can render scholarly HTML of today on Lynx.

> But that's not sufficient for HTML5 to be selected as the distribution
> mechanism any time soon.

Not disagreeing on that either;
my only point was that the Web stack technically supports
all of the benefits you listed for PDF.

> There also needs to be a way to turn the output of
> current popular content creation systems, particularly those using LaTeX and
> Word, into HTML5.  Alternatively, these systems need to be supplanted in use
> by new systems.

Definitely agree.



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