Math in browser (WAS: Newsletter & Call for Papers WebSci'18)

On Wed, 2018-02-21 at 17:57 +0000, Harry Halpin wrote:
> As I have pointed out many times, lack of LaTeX support for math makes
> HTML publishing for scientific papers a non-starter, and people who do
> not believe this is a problem must either not publish much or not
> publish papers with math. Right now cutting-edge is Tex2Html that
> hasn’t really been updated in 10 years. MathML is trying to force a
> dead XML paradigm and has little browser support. 

Do you know MathJax ( Math in browser is not a big
part of my work, but after I learned of this a few years ago, I assumed
everyone who needed math in a browser would be using this. 

I'm not intimately familiar with it, but we set it up for a client who
had extensive engineering math requirements.

> So I basically consider it a solvable problem that requires real work,

It's a solved problem, from what I've seen, but again it's not my


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