The First International Workshop on Chatbot, Stanford University


The First International Workshop on Chatbot
in conjunction with ICWSM2018 (
June 25-28, 2018, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA

With the AI technologies penetrating every part of our daily life, the 
way of processing and delivering information has been fundamentally 
changed. Chatbot will become the new interface between human and 
information, human and services, and human and society in the AI era. 
Dialoging is one of the most common and intuitive ways for human to 
communication. Previously web interface of searching or browsing is the 
main interface between human and information, but this will be soon 
replaced by chatbot. We envision that chatbot will become the front-end 
interface of almost all digital everything.

To develop better chatbot technology, it requires inter-disciplinary 
attentions. For the backend technologies of chatbot, it needs the domain 
expertise on information summary/cognitive summary, sentiment analysis, 
topic modeling, natural language processing, text mining, and machine 
learning. For the frontend technologies of chatbot, it desires user 
interactive communication, user behavior, user cognitive thinking, user 
engagement, user interface design, and voice or video communication. 
Beyond that, it entails the complicated social part of users and 
society, which includes peer communication, conformity, social and 
society pressure, trends, personality, social bonding, and more.

Here we call for contributions from teams in academia and industry 
working on chatbot to share their insights, network, and brainstorm the 
future roadmap of chatbot.

Our workshop call for contributions covering, but not limited to, the 
following topics:

"    Information or cognitive Summary for chatbot
"    Natural Language Processing for chatbot
"    Machine Learning for chatbot
"    Deep learning for chatbot
"    Knowledge graph for chatbot
"    Semantics for intelligent chatbot
"    Sentiment analysis and chatbot
"    Information delivery through chatbot
"    Personalized chatbot
"    Social bonding using chatbot
"    Chatbot for society: such as smart city using chatbot
"    Online communication behavioral analysis
"    Psychological analysis of users and their communication
"    Design Thinking for innovative communication
"    Creativity and Chatbot
"    Chatbot and discovery

Workshop Schedule/Important Dates
"    Workshop paper/demo submission: May 15, 2018
"    Workshop paper/demo notification: May 25, 2018
"    Final submission of workshop program and materials: June 1, 2018
"    Workshop date: June 25, 2018

All papers submitted should have a maximum length of 8 pages and demo 
papers should be no more than 4 pages. All must be prepared using the 
ACM camera-ready template Authors are required 
to submit their papers electronically in PDF format. The submission 
website is

Workshop Chairs:
Ying Ding, Indiana University
James Shanahan, Native X
Bin Liu, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jie Tang, Tsinghua University

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