Re: Best practises for using multiple schemes to describe resources

On Feb 14, 2018 8:13 AM, "Mikael Pesonen" <>

We are describing resources by (almost randomly) picking suitable
properties from various schemes, for example FOAF, Dublin Core, Nepomuk and
Organization ontology.

If a scheme defines class for the property, should the resource which is
being described be always defined as such?

If an ontology *defines* a domain for a property, then anything to which
that property is applied is by *definition* a member of the specified
class.  So the decision is made for you ☺️.

The bigger question is whether you are applying multiple properties to the
same individual in such a way as to require it to be an instance of
incompatible classes. For example, a graphical  calendar app might create
an individual that is a green Wednesday, but the source ontologies might
require colored things to  be visible. (Blue Monday is a special case :)

Proper document description is not a simple problem; you may be better off
using a pre-baked solution as much as possible.

The development of the Europeana Data Model may be  a good example to look
See e.g.


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