Re: Canonical URIs for regional variants in multilingual dataset

On 14 September 2017 at 14:43, Ghislain Atemezing
<> wrote:

> Thanks! This sample query [1] gives some interesting results.
> However I was expecting to see the value of the different languages of the
> form tag-XX where XX is capitalized as defined in the IETF Doc. For e.g.,
> the value for the Bolivian Spanish is es-bo (wd:Q510730) while someone would
> have expected to be es-BO.

> [1]

As the Wikipedia maxim has it - so fix it!

Just like Wikipedia, anyone can edit Wikidata, as I have just done for
the example I gave, changing es-mx to es-MX. Feel free to do likewise
for other items.

Andy Mabbett

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