Re: RDF viewer

One problem with viewers is that they usually try to be general-purpose. 
  But real data sets are likely to be built using certain repeated 
constructions (I call them "idioms").  A viewer for the idioms used by a 
data set will be much easier to understand than a general-purpose one - 
and so it can show more data at once in a clearer way.

What we need is a declarative language for specifying idiomatic viewers 
... and a corresponding construction tool ... that would be majorly helpful.


On 9/6/2017 6:03 PM, wrote:
> Øin others the diagrams get too complicated and isn’t of value.
> Yep – I find that any diagram with more than around 20 resources shown
> becomes quite hard to deal with.
> In olden times we dealt with this using an A0 plotter.
> These days I think some kind of temporary graph selection is needed.
> General purpose ‘show it all’ solutions are kinda hopeless.
> Simon Cox

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