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Ø  in others the diagrams get too complicated and isn’t of value.

Yep – I find that any diagram with more than around 20 resources shown becomes quite hard to deal with.
In olden times we dealt with this using an A0 plotter.
These days I think some kind of temporary graph selection is needed.
General purpose ‘show it all’ solutions are kinda hopeless.

Simon Cox

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FYI - I developed a JavaScript RDF graph visualiser that runs in a browser using vis.js (a JavaScript port of Graphviz) with a service worker to perform the rendering in the background. I found it easy to customise the rendering via the DOT language. This works well in some cases, but in others the diagrams get too complicated and isn’t of value.

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Hi Brent,

tried your tool but can't really make it work...
maybe also have a look at ?


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Dear all,

I have been working on a project that loads and visualizes  various
RDF serializations. Right now it is rough, but public:

With D3:

With Sigma.js:

Paste URLs in the text field and press the "Load File/ LDP Container" Button:

Data to play with is here:

h/t to the N3, JSONLD , and the RDFlib libraries.

The GitHub repository URL is:

-Brent Shambaugh




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