SAM Metamodel

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to develop what I call SAM (Semantic Application Metamodel)
encoded in RDF using Quads. It is on a very early stage. The main goals
will be to have a model-driven declarative metamodel which will encode
applications schema and behavior in a fully integrable fashion.

The later should be accomplished using it as an schema less storage
protocol that should interact with other schema based backends. Then,
according to interaction state, protocol will allow for methods in use case
contexts. It should act as a kind of integration mechanism between systems,
provided there are mappings prepared for them.

The final component will be message / event driven and reactive / dataflow
paradigm oriented. The idea is to de aggregate input formats into raw
triples and then aggregate their inferred ordering, identity and state flow
metadata. This happens in three layers: raw facts (triples), aggregated
topics (from facts) and aggregated purposes (from topics). This is, for
example: 'anOrder' fact, 'orders' topic, 'sales' purpose.

Besides the core model (classes) there are a few other abstractions
(Models, Adapters, Ports, Containers, Messages, etc.) that left to be
implemented for a given deployment environment / language.

But I still trying to discuss the core model here (as an attachment) as I
find myself refactoring it over and over, thanks to the support of the
community. Thanks.

Best Regards,

Received on Friday, 5 May 2017 04:59:27 UTC