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LODE is very much oriented to support descriptions of events (it's in the
name, and the dissertation[1]), and is thus is intentionally less specific
in places than other models. It can still work in this context.

Other vocabularies that cover [Events as things that are organized and
attended] include .

There is a specific conference ontology at ,
which appears to be in active use, though the ontology may not have been
updated for a while (rdf/xml generated by owlapi 3.5.1).
It may or may not fit your existing metaphysical commitments (if you start
at the bottom of the file and work up,  you will probably be able to guess
the authorship:-).


[1] Shaw, R. (2010).Events and Periods as Concepts for Organizing
Historical Knowledge. Ph.D. thesis, University of California, Berkeley.

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I'm searching for advices to produce a semantic representation of
scientific events like conferences and workshops series.
My first look was for SPAR, but I doesn't find an answer in it.
Can you guide me?

Have you look at lode ontology [1]. You can also have a look at this paper
[2] where the authors applied lode in a semweb application (confomaton) for
monitoring scientific events. For a survey off vocabularies for events, you
can also browse LOV at




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