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[First post - hello, everyone!]

I hadn't seen sameAs before, but it looks useful, and I will do in future.

That said:

1) It doest seem to know about Wikidata. For example, given

      (or )

it doesn't return anything other than the input; and given:

it doesn't include the above Wikidata item in the values returned.

2) It may be that all of sameAs' functionality can be provided by
Wikidata, now or in the future. This may be done indirectly - see, for

as explained at


as explained at

3) You may have data that is not yet in Wikidata. It would be good to
look at how this could be imported there.

4) Similarly, you are welcome - and encouraged - to use Wikidata's API
and/or dumps; it has a CC0 licence.

Andy Mabbett

Received on Friday, 3 February 2017 11:27:11 UTC