Re: [CFP]☠ Call for Enabling Linked Research

Hi folks,

Following fruitful discussions at LDOW [1] and WOW at WWW this week, we've
extended the deadline for the Enabling Decentralised Scholarly
Communication workshop to 17th April. If you have some rant - or even
solutions - about academic publishing, here's a platform!

Contributions and reviews are open, transparent, and all Web-based.

Worth noting that workshop days can be registered for separately from the
main conference.




On 7 March 2017 at 17:20, Sarven Capadisli <> wrote:

> Hi #SemanticWeb #WebScience !
> *This a "Web first" Call!*
> If you are interested in Web Science and upgrading scholarly
> communication to the era of the Web, this is a "Call" for you:
> The "Call for Enabling Linked Research" is an ongoing and online effort.
> The next in person event is at #ESWC2017 "Enabling Decentralised
> Scholarly Communication":
> *
> *
> There is a growing list of folks who pledge to keep the spirit of the
> Web alive in academic knowledge sharing and peer-review. This call is
> intended for all of us who truly want to share our research and
> development, and to understand and enhance the possibilities of the Web
> for academia. To boldly go where no Web Scientist has gone before! Many
> of us are working on different aspects of making scholarly communication
> more accessible, so lets try to glue the pieces together.
> There are no "papers" (archaic desktop or print based guidelines; no
> paper sizes, arbitrary lengths, font-sizes, languages..). There are no
> 3rd party publishers.
> We move away from centralisation as best as we can.
> For authors: *You*, the author is the publisher! You decide where you
> want to store and preserve your work. At your own or institution's
> domain; Internet Archives,, Zenodo and many other long-term
> storages are able to keep copies around long term.
> For reviewers: *You* get full attribution for your contributions. You
> decide where you want to publish your feedback.
> There is no hierarchy here. Everyone is welcome to peer-review! Just say
> so (if you want to be on the list) or just review and announce your
> contribution publicly.
> If you would like to discuss these ideas or share experience, join the
> chat at or the freenode IRC
> network in channel #LinkedResearch . Yes, even these are forms of
> centralisation that we are aiming to move away from :)
> -We
> ☠ on the Subject line of this email is a misnomer. We speak in *Web
> articles*:

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