Re: xsd:anyURI - was: HTTPS and the Semantic Web

Hello Henry,

On Sat, May 21, 2016 at 04:18:47PM +0200, Henry Story wrote:
> We should see this large movement as an opportunity to fix a lot of other problems that have come
> up in Linked Data. For example it could allow us to move away from 303 redirects to hash urls that are much 
> more efficient, and finally put that old discussion to rest.

Ha! Let the games begin! :-)

Seriously, I cannot believe we are having this discussion. The day that that "a"
in Turtle/SPARQL represents
instead of will be the day
when RDF breaks. Leave it as it is.

All those URI changing fixes to get rid of technical debt will mean a lot of 
pain for a lot of people - unless you can come up with a scheme where those 
fixes are handled transparently by the software. I am not talking of reasoners
here. A large fraction of the users don't use them because they are a PITA.
RDF should stay accessible for people who are not top of the range and use 
hard-coded URIs in their code.

Maybe we can come up with a completely new RDF where "Cool URIs don't change"
is enforced technically? ;-)


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