Re: Call for position statements "PROV: Three Years Later"

On 2016-03-26 14:23, Paul Groth wrote:
> To facilitate publication on the Web, authors are encouraged to submit
> documents in HTML, using the RASH framework
> <> (Research Articles in Simplified
> HTML). Mutliple submissions for different experiences and/or
> requirements are welcome. As we are keen to gather as many experiences
> and requirements as possible, it is acceptable for authors to submit
> position statements, even if they cannot physically attend the workshop,
> as long as they inform the organizers.

@philarcher1 @w3c Why "..encouraged to submit documents in HTML, using 
the RASH framework"? Why favoritism? Why not "HTML" full stop?

@philarcher1 @w3c Explicitly asking for an arbitrary subset of HTML 
isn't so different than asking PDF w/ a publisher's authoring guidelines

.@csarven Not my call, I'm afraid (and I agree with you). Profiles of 
all sorts of things are becoming more of an issue for us.


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