Re: deterministic naming of blank nodes

> On 21 May 2015, at 10:08, Steve Harris <> wrote:
>>> Alternatively, some SPARQL servers may use
>>> stable internal identifiers that could serve this purpose (still
>>> requiring normative normalization), but I suspect that there are some
>>> implementations that don’t guarantee such stable identifiers).
>> Right, it would involve enhancing SPARQL servers.
> Quite a few can do this already, and there’s a syntax sanctioned by RDF 1.1

yes, except that skolemization using .well-konwn URLs is ugly, broken, and should
never have made it into RDF1.1 spec. It breaks linked data clients that need to analyse the
full uri for .wellknown urls before deciding wether to follow them. it would be better to have coined bnode URNs of some form. I made a suggestion along those lines at some point.


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