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[ANN] VoCol: A Git-based Environment for Collaborative Vocabulary Development

From: Lavdim Halilaj <halilaj@iai.uni-bonn.de>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 14:07:37 +0100
To: semantic-web <semantic-web@w3.org>
Message-ID: <565EED19.7050000@iai.uni-bonn.de>
Dear all,

we are happy to announce the release of VoCol: a Git-based environment 
for collaborative vocabulary development.

- VoCol offers several features that support collaborative vocabulary 
development with Git;
- It works on top of Git and with repository services like GitHub, 
Gitlab and BitBucket;
- Users do not need to install VoCol, since it is hosted on a central 
- It is independent of the actual Git repository, i.e., it can be 
activated and configured without affecting the repository.

The following services are currently integrated into VoCol (and are 
automatically executed with every push event):
- Syntax validation with Rapper and Jena Riot (also executed with every 
pre-commit event);
- Documentation generation with Schema.org and Widoco;
- Visualization with WebVOWL;
- SPARQL endpoint querying with Jena Fuseki;
- Evolution report with OWL2VCS.

All services can be (de-)activated in the VoCol settings, and other 
tools and services can be added as extensions.

Additional features of VoCol include dereferenceable URIs, content 
negotiation, support of branches, etc.

An online demo is available at: http://butterbur06.iai.uni-bonn.de
An example of the configuration page can be accessed at: 

We also provide a Vagrant Box, which you can download and run. With the 
Vagrant Share mechanism, every generated artifact is publicly accessible 
(while hosted on your machine).

More information about VoCol can be found on GitHub at: 

We created a survey to collect feedback on VoCol, and would kindly ask 
you to participate: https://goo.gl/tfykpS

Best Regards,
Lavdim Halilaj, PhD Student
Organized Knowledge Group, Fraunhofer IAIS
Enterprise Information Systems Group, University of Bonn.
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