Re: Exactly one element in a RDFS class


So you mean we answered our own questions for which we had an answer, not
the original one.
And BTW Simon Spero just answered me privately that my answer had already
been proposed and rejected :(

So I modify my initial proposal into a slightly different one

:C a owl:Class ;
    owl:equivalentClass  [ a owl:Class ; owl:oneOf ( _:b ) ].

The idea is that the instance in the list being a blank node, it's not an
"explicitly stated instance", but an existential variable, so to speak.

Hum. Looks like a hack, and I'm not even sure OWL semantics allows blank
nodes in enumerations.

2014-11-17 17:37 GMT+01:00 Peter F. Patel-Schneider <>

> So I guess then there were two different situations being answered:
> 1/ Stating in RDFS or OWL that a class has to have exactly one instance.
> 2/ Stating that a class has exactly one explicitly stated instance.
> To many of us, the initial question could only be interpreted in the first
> way, and this cannot be done in RDFS, which left only OWL.
> peter

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