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I followed the recent thread on using web formats in scientific publishing, and I agree that WWW conferences should allow to eat our own dogfood somehow.
Unfortunately, this discussion started too late to be of any use for the next WWW2015. 

Anyway, IW3C2 (the committee supervising WWW confs) is pretty aware of the discussion, and eventually, specially in the context of linked science, publishing data associated with papers, etc., things will start changing.

Also look at WWW2015 joint events, Iím pretty sure that there will be room for f2f discussion ;).


PS did you know that George Takei (first to play lieutenant Sulu) is quite well connected with PR activities for Google? probably youíre closer to truth than expected ;)

On Nov 3, 2014, at 10:09:17 AM , Sarven Capadisli <> wrote:

> On 2014-11-01 16:12, WWW2015 wrote:
>> All submitted papers must
>> * be formatted according to the ACM SIG Proceedings template
>> ([4] with a
>> font size no smaller than 9pt
>> * be in PDF (make sure that the PDF can be viewed on any platform), and
>> formatted for US Letter size
>> * occupy no more than ten pages, including the abstract and appendices,
>> but excluding references.
>> It is the authorsí responsibility to ensure that their submissions
>> adhere strictly to the required format. Submissions that do not comply
>> with the above guidelines may be rejected without review.
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