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Re: Named Graphs

From: Richard Cyganiak <richard@cyganiak.de>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 12:24:52 +0200
Message-Id: <81C3C0DB-FED2-4D82-A7FA-D6CE8F9E9FD5@cyganiak.de>
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To: Mauro Dragoni <dragoni@fbk.eu>

> On 15 May 2014, at 16:33, Mauro Dragoni <dragoni@fbk.eu> wrote:
> The only two things that come in my mind, both using Java, are:
> - to load the named graphs in a Jena object and then to query them by using SPARQL: http://jena.apache.org/tutorials/sparql_datasets.html
> - to do the same thing above but using the NG4J extension of Jena: http://wifo5-03.informatik.uni-mannheim.de/bizer/ng4j/

I was the maintainer of NG4J for most of its life. The library is no longer actively developed. Its named graph features are obsolete now because Jena in recent versions has the same capabilities. Just use Jena.

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