Re: Call for Linked Research

On 2014-07-29 09:43, Andrea Perego wrote:
> You might consider including in your call an explicit reference to
> nanopublications [1] as an example of how to address point (5).
> About source code, there's a project, SciForge [1], working on the
> idea of making scientific software citable.
> My two cents...

> [1]
> [2]

Thanks for the heads-up, Andrea. The article on my site has an open 
comment system, which is intended to have an open discussion or have 
suggestions for the others (like the ones you've proposed). Not that I'm 
opposed to continuing the discussion here, but you are welcome to 
contribute there so that the next person that comes along can get a hold 
of that information.

It wasn't my intention to refer to all workshops that play nicely 
towards open science, vocabularies to use, exact tooling to use, or all 
efforts out there e.g., nanopublications.

You have just cited two hyperlinks in that email. Those URLs are 
accessible by anything in existence that can make an HTTP GET request. 
Pardon my ignorance, but, why do we need off-band software when we have 
something that works remarkably well?


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