RE: ISO 15926, semantic web enhancement of ISO 10303

Dear Brent,

Leo forwarded your email to me. Iā€™m a member of the Policy and Planning Committee of ISO TC 184/SC4, which develops both ISO 10303 and ISO 15926, so well placed to answer your question.

ISO 15926 has been in the vanguard of trying to make use of semantic we technologies in formal standards development. Unfortunately, the technologies have not always been mature enough or capable enough for the purposes we have ā€“ usually because they were not designed with our needs in mind, or not mature enough with industrial strength tools available. However, the situation has improved over time (say the last 15 years) with OWL an improvement on XML Schema, and OWL 2 looking like it might be fit for purpose (expressiveness is more important than reasoning for data integration).

It takes time and money to migrate standards to a new implementation technology, and there needs to be a financial reason to do so, especially when the old technology (ISO 10303-11 - EXPRESS and ISO 10303-21 ā€“ Data exchange format) are not broken. I expect it to take some 5-10 years for significant progress to make, partly because to the time for Semantic Web technologies to mature and gain sufficient support and tools, and partly because of the time to translate the existing standards.

The part of ISO 10303 that has done the most with using semantic web technologies is ISO 10303-239, Product Lifecycle Support. This uses Data Exchange Sets that are implemented using XML developed with OASIS. 




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Hello all,


Is ISO 15926 the only industry specific application of the semantic web? Are there other standards that give a semantic web enhancement to ISO 10303?

-Brent Shambaugh



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