Re: Attribute or Property Ontology?

Hi Paul,

Yes, thank you for bringing the metaschema back to my attention. I had 
looked at this before and, yes, was very much turned off by the lack of 
documentation. (Still am.)

As a *listing* of kinds of attributes, this is quite helpful, and should 
be embraced by any design scope. I like the fact that properties can map 
to entity types; that seems to be a useful design. But its structure and 
use as is does not appear directly usable for what I am seeking.

Am I missing something?

Thanks, Mike

On 7/13/2014 10:37 AM, Paul Houle wrote:
> I would say take a look at the Freebase Metaschema
> The documentation is atrocious,  but this information is available in
> standards-compliant (i.e. won't crash your tools) format
> One really cool thing is that it can map property paths to properties,
>   which is essential given the heavy use of compound value types in
> Freebase.
> ᐧ
> On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 10:42 PM, Mike Bergman <> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I have been looking for an ontology that organizes and describes possible
>> characteristics or attributes for common entity types, such as what might be
>> found in a key-value pair in Wikipedia infoboxes and such.
>> I have had no luck finding such a vocabulary or ontology. The closest
>> representation I found was one related to sensors and the Internet of Things
>> (IoT) [1]. The Wolfram Language also has an interesting structure around
>> units [2]. Biperpedia has recently been discussed by Google [3], but no
>> actual ontology or structure yet appears available for inspection.
>> Does anyone know of a general ontology for capturing record/entity
>> attributes or characteristics (properties)? I know some domains like
>> biomedical may have partial approaches to this, but I'm seeking something
>> that has as its intent being a general-purpose attribute reference.
>> Suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks, Mike
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]

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