RDF constraint language (was Re: An alternative RDF)

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On 10/07/2014 03:58, Juan Sequeda wrote:

> Are you looking for something like Integrity Constraints ala relational
> world? If so, then RDF as-is is not the tool for you. I know that there are
> some extensions that do support integrity constraints in RDF:
> http://docs.stardog.com/icv/-- 

We (W3C) are close to seeking member approval for a new WG that will 
define a standard for just such a constraint language. Nothing definite 
yet but hopes are high that the draft charter at
http://www.w3.org/2014/rds/charter will be taken up. That document links 
to some member submissions that are helping to drive the conversation.

The doc also includes a link to the mailing list where it's being discussed.




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