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Re: Should information be merged from several RDF files?

From: Chockalingam <chockam@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2014 22:02:06 +0530
Message-Id: <42DA40B1-391F-4B57-9383-DE22ABC6254C@gmail.com>
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To: Victor Porton <porton@narod.ru>
Dear Victor

As per my understanding it should be merged and then only it will be complete.


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> On Jul 5, 2014, at 8:37 PM, Victor Porton <porton@narod.ru> wrote:
> I work on this project:
> http://freesoft.portonvictor.org/namespaces.xml
> It involves downloading RDF files from the Web.
> When a "bundle" (for lack of a better word), that is a set of related RDF triples, is incomplete it should be ignored.
> My question, if a bundle is split into several different RDF files, and each part of it is incomplete, should it nevertheless not be ignored if the union of all parts of the bundle is complete?
> A toy example (A, B1, B2, C be namespaces):
> In one file:
> <A> <B1> <C> .
> In an other file:
> <A> <B2> <C> .
> If both B1 and B2 properties are required, should this information be ignored (as incomplete bundles)? or should the information from the two files be merged and thus considered complete?
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> Victor Porton - http://portonvictor.org
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