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> Can anyone point me towards published reviews of Semantic Web take-up / penetration / establishment, or other documented variants of 'semantic web in use'?

Many thanks to the various people who sent me suggestions and other comments, on- and off-list, and apologies for the delay in responding.

I rewrote the relevant section to describe the work done at BnF (National Library of France) on a SemWeb/LinkedData publication of their heterogeneous catalogues.  Apart from the obvious relevance to this chapter's nominal target audience, it strikes me that this is a great example of work right in the intersection of SemWeb and LOD, ... or midway along the continuum between them, ... or showing the impossibility of distinguishing between them in any fundamental way.

One lesson here is that any attempt at a one-liner distinction between the full-blown Semantic Web, and the Linked (Open) Data world is doomed to be an over-simplification.  The fact that it's quite so hard is quite surprising to me.

In rhetorically apposite contrast, going from the catalogue to the instance, Garcia Castro et al shows how one can expose structure from the instance outwards, by annotating assertions within individual PubMed Central papers.  I also included a link to the collection of LOD datasets curated by the Semantic Web Journal , plus a general pointer towards ESWC and ISWC in-use tracks.

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