Re: Chrome Extension of Semantic Web

Dear Hitoshi,

Very interesting work!

My research is also about using the semantic content inside webpages,
and I use it to create personalized actions on content.
Given a webpage with semantic annotations,
my extension reads the annotations of the element under the cursor
and generates matching actions, as you can see in the screenshot [1].
This solution is called Distributed Affordance [2].

It looks like there are some connections to Semantic Spider.
One open question I have is: what actions should I recommend to users?
I.e., if thereís information about a book on a page,
should I provide a link to Amazon or Barnes & Noble?
I think Semantic Spider could help finding those answers,
as it has a notion of a userís interests without compromising privacy.

My extension is still under development, but you can read about the concept and architecture [3].
Furthermore, some examples are online [4] using a shim script instead of the extension.

Perhaps we can connect your and my work together in some way?




Received on Friday, 11 October 2013 15:28:30 UTC