Server support for RDF and RDFS namespaces (was Re: Deprecate…)

On 2013-11 -29, at 06:18, Andy Seaborne wrote:

> On 29/11/13 09:04, Dan Brickley wrote:
>> Whatever we do, let's do it in RDFa this time. Humans are at least as
>> important consumers of schemas as computers.
>> FWIW I think some of the adoption we saw back with the FOAF work
>> (apart from being there early) came from having namespace URIs
>> de-reference to (more or less) human readable documentation. Far too
>> many schema URIs point at a ridiculously unreadable XML file that just
>> gets saved to disk and can't be opened with any useful tooling.
> Use content negotiation.  Make at least HTML, RDFa, Turtle, JSON-LD available.

Yes, content negotiation,   with Turtle,  JSON-LD, HTML (with RDFa embedded automatically for those who like it), and RDF/XML  for historical engines.  

I very strongly support adding multilingual labels for the core ontologies as soon as we can.


> 	Andy

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