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Dear Jeremy,

This is a very good question, without - regrettably - a good answer.

Our benchmarking exercise initially focused in getting the Business
Intelligence use case tested. When we started, this was a challenges as
this had not been achieved yet. For completeness, we ran also the explore
workload, but forgot about explore+update.

We plan to rerun the benchmark this fall, we will actually try to scale up
to 500 billion triples. At that moment, we will also run the


Peter Boncz

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I have been looking at BUBM as a guide to a triple store decision, and I
have been concentrating on the recent V7 version

I note that the older (out of date) V6, has a section that is missing from

which seems to better reflect our intended usage pattern

Anyone have any insight into: why this mix was not run in V7 and/or how
the triple stores fare with a mix between update and queries


Principal Architect
Syapse, Inc.

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