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Am 23.02.2013 17:49, schrieb Kingsley Idehen:
> On 2/23/13 7:10 AM, Sören Auer wrote:
>> BTW: We also have a preliminary Linked Data/RDF interface using Triplify
>> exposing all content from SlideWiki as described here:
>> The content is currently represented using to FOAF, SIOC, CC, Dublin
>> Core vocabularies. Support for W3C PROV and SPARQL endpoint via
>> SparqlMap is planned...
>> Best,
>> Sören
> Very nice!
> Are you exposing a graph that describes these lecture collections? If
> so, how does one discover it?

Exactly, that's what the graph exhibits - it basically consists of
decks, as well as sub-decks and slides associated with those decks. Each
slide contains the full html source.
Currently, we publish the RDF via
As mentioned before, this is still a quick hack currently - we plan to
deploy SparqlMap [1], which will also allow SPARQL querying and will add
proper RDF discovery.




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