understanding the user experience of ontologies

I have received a good response to my recent email about my survey on using ontologies.  However, more input would still be welcome.  The survey aims to understand better how people are using ontologies, what problems they are experiencing, and how tools and methodologies can be improved.

I am looking for input from anyone who is involved with ontologies, either using them, developing them, or developing ontology tools.

I will leave the survey open for one more week, i.e. until Friday 1st March.  The url is:

As I explained in my previous email, strict confidentiality will be observed, and all results will be anonymised before publication.  Anyone who requests a copy will be emailed the report.

Many thanks

Paul Warren
Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, U.K.

Received on Thursday, 21 February 2013 11:07:55 UTC