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On 07/02/2013 14:54, Paolo Ciccarese wrote:
> We also use CiTO and FaBIO for storing the bibliographic data and 
> those are based on FRBR. 
Dear Paolo, Robert and Herbert,

I'm in Leiden at a conference with Bob Morris.  We've just had a brief 
discussion about the potential use of AO to characterize citations, 
where the generic CiTO terms don't provide sufficient expressiveness.  
That has prompted me to look at the new Open Annotation Data Model: Open 
Annotation Core 
<> published 
last Friday.

That document says "Typically an Annotation has a single Body, which is 
the comment or other descriptive resource, and a single Target that the 
Body is somehow "about". " Thus oa:hasBody defines the annotation 
itself, and oa:hasTarget defines the target of that annotation.

If we now apply that to the situation of a bibliographic citation that 
we want to characterize with a new annotation, we must be careful to 
note that oa:hasTarget does NOT apply to the cited paper, but rather to 
the citation that exists between the citing paper and the cited paper.

So we first need to define the annotation as applying to the citation, 
then to define the body of the annotation as something distinct from the 
citing paper, and finally to define the target of the annotation as the 
citation itself.  What do people think about the following, that uses a 
Named Graph to define the citation? Comments welcome!

Kind regards,


:citationAnnotation a oa:Annotation ;

oa:hasBody :CommentOnCitation ;

oa:hasTarget :citationNamedGraph ;

oa:motivatedBy oa:commenting .

:CommentOnCitation a fabio:Comment ;

dcterms:description "I'm citing that paper because it initiated this 
whole field of research".

:citationNamedGraph {

<Paper_A> cito:cites<Paper_B> .



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