Re: RDB2RDF Recommendations are published

First of all ... Good Job! :)

Second, a suggestion which may make the infrastructure more palatable:

The metadata (including linked data identifiers) we deal with is consumed but not destroyed.  Moreover, it does not stray far from room temperature (don't tell the Marketing Department, it will break their hearts).  The mechanical analog is a Planck's Law Black Box.  The trouble is that Black Boxes only do interesting things far above room temperature.  On the other side, Economists are the only people who can grow things at 0 C (Central Bankers can grow things at -273.15 kelvins, but they won't tell us how they do it). Farmers don't try to grow wheat in Antarctica.  This is not room temperature either.  Why compute there ?  In addition, the Planck Law contains nothing divisible by lunar cycles (not 7,14,21,28, only 2,3, and 5) ... so why use those except that the FFT software you bought won't exclude them.  I've suggested before that web data, including opinions gleaned from Social Networking and Tweets could be modeled much more simply if we
 just bypassed period 15 (in the Planck Law) and took a virtual nap (to trigger a phase change) every Sunday (going right to the Business Cycle - period 16, still two weeks per fortnight).

Anyway, you've inspired me to do the FT in trigonometry, without recourse to complex math[pdf only 1][zip spreadsheet + pdf 2]. Along the way, several conceptual problems go away including logarithmic scales (circles I understand, logs are a "zero" thing).  I used a spreadsheet from NOAA to calculate "the opposite" of Solar Noon (Local Midnight).  Yes, I know this is theoretical cheating with theories, but the results are simple - twisty little data objects contaminated with Higgs Bosons and who knows what else are now two Gaussians, one for this week, one for next.  It is a tsunami dector of sorts - it lifts from the middle and ignores rocking motion.

Have fun.



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Thank you very much, everyone involved! A big kudos to the wonderful Editors of R2RML and DM, my co-chair and all the WG members, early ones and the ones who pulled through to the very end!

Now, the real work starts: the success of a standard is, IMHO, measured by the uptake. We have now a stable proposal on the table and need to convince industry players and end-users alike that it is worth investing in this piece of infrastructure.

Link long and prosper!


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