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GND Ontology Announcement

From: Haffner, Alexander <A.Haffner@dnb.de>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 09:36:38 +0000
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Dear colleagues,

the German National Library is pleased to announce the GND Ontology [1]. 

GND stands for "Gemeinsame Normdatei" (Integrated Authority File) and offers a broad range of elements to represent authorities. 

The ontology aims to transfer the experiences made by libraries to the web community by providing a vocabulary for the description of conferences or events, corporate bodies, places or geographic names, differentiated persons, undifferentiated persons (name of undifferentiated persons), subject headings, and works.

To ensure compatibility, the GND ontology aligns with already established vocabularies such as the FOAF vocabulary as well as with new ones like the RDA Vocabularies. 

The present results have to be considered as work in progress. Gradually, we will integrate additional information, such as the descriptions for each element and alignments to a number of additional vocabularies and ontologies.

We are open to and grateful for any feedback regarding increase of quality and suggestions for potential ontology extensions. Please feel free to contact us and discuss via our mailing list [2].

Best regards,
Alexander Haffner

[1] http://d-nb.info/standards/elementset/gnd#
[2] http://lists.d-nb.de/mailman/listinfo/gnd-ontology
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