Re: Tools for semantic extraction

Hi Marlies,
In LOD2, we started a Knowledge Extraction page on Wikipedia, which 
might cover your information need:

It covers mostly structured and semi-structured sources, but would serve 
as a good starting point for crowd sourcing the collection of tools that 
extract from text, images and audio ;)

If we all chip in a little bit, the page would have a really nice 
coverage very soon.

All the best,

On 11/01/2011 10:56 AM, Marlies Olensky wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> we are conducting a market study for the project Europeana 2.0 [1] where
> we are looking for tools for semantic extraction.
> We are looking for effective and efficient tools for the extraction of
> concepts and named entities from digital text, image and audio resources
> that enable the automatic semantic contextualisation for object metadata
> lacking contextualisation links.
> We would be thankful for any pointers to such tools.
> Best regards,
> Marlies Olensky
> [1]

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