Re: GoodRelations Light

> If you want to make a change you think will make a difference towards
> the issue you seem concerned about I think it's going to have to be
> substantially more radical. Why not propose a new spec? Or build a new
> layer on RDF? The kind of tweak you suggest isn't going to cut it.
> (IMO)

I basically agree with this. Simply moving blank nodes from RDF to OWL isn't
going to bring forth the rapture. I do think blank nodes are a *part* of the
problem, both in themselves and as an exemplar of how RDF development
discussions end up consumed by internal complications that RDF has mostly
brought upon itself. But I'm demonstrably sympathetic to the idea that it
might be more effective to just propose something else, since in my day job
I work on such a thing.

And yet, a piece of me still doesn't understand the thinking here. If I were
emotionally invested in RDF, I feel like I would be madly trying to evolve
it to make these something-elses unnecessary. But maybe that's just a
illusion I have the luxury of entertaining because I'm not directly

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