CfP: FutureTV-2011 call for posters & demos

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CALL FOR POSTERS AND DEMOS - FutureTV-2011: Making Television Personal & 

2nd International Workshop on the Future of Television

June 29, 2011 at EuroITV 2011, Lisbon, Portugal



The growing amount of data available on the social and semantic Webs, 
APIs to access and manipulate that data, and trends towards common 
identifiers and metadata schema allow future television new 
opportunities to link TV viewing with both the viewer's personal Web 
profiles on social networks, and with social activities across the Web 
also from friends and similar people.

The second edition of this workshop will build on research, services and 
results from the NoTube project, bringing NoTube experts together with 
the wider iTV research and enterprise community to explore the new 
possibilities inherent in social Web, semantic Web, Linked Data and 
semantic TV to produce future, new, innovative services and platforms 
for TV which is more personal and more social. This goes beyond the 
existing state of the art social TV through the introduction of open Web 
standards, semantic Web technology and Linked Data content.

With this workshop we seek submissions related to addressing the gaps in 
the state of the art for making social-semantic-Television a reality as 
well as the consequenes on schemas, services, and standards:

*    Re-use of social Web data for TV program adaptation, 
recommendation, selection or mash-ups

*    Re-use of semantic Web data for TV program adaptation, 
recommendation, selection or mash-ups

*    Generation of social Web data from TV watching and interaction with 
the TV program

*    Generation of semantic Web data from TV watching and interaction 
with the TV program

*    User profiling with respect to interests, TV preferences, or 
current mood

*    Integrating existing broadcast TV infrastructure with the social 
and semantic Web

*    Annotation of TV programming with social or semantic Web data schemas

*    Applying semantic and social Web applications on the television, 
including development for the set top box, design of appropriate user 
interfaces and exploration of user interaction patterns

*    Integration of semantic and social Web data in TV-based applications

Important Dates


Poster & demo submission deadline: May 30, 2011
Poster & demo notification: June 7, 2011
Workshop day: June 29, 2011



Demonstrations and posters are meant to propose system demonstrations or 
rather pragmatic early work. Your submission should be in PDF format, 
and follow the ACM style guidelines, and describe in no more than 2 
pages the content of your planned demo / poster.

We will aim to accept a mix of submissions and to include a dedicated 
session for demonstrations and posters. Please send your submissions via 
this link.

Workshop Organizers


Lora Aroyo, VUA

Stefan Dietze, OU

Lyndon Nixon, STI

Programme Committee


*    Armen Aghasaryan (Alcatel-Lucent)

*    Mauro Barbieri (Philips Research, The Netherlands)

*    Dan Brickley (VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

*    Pablo Cesar (CWI, The Netherlands)

*    Martin Dow (Acuity Unlimited, UK)

*    Marcel Duee (tweek TV, Germany)

*    Tom Heath (Talis, UK)

*    Liam Green Hughes (The Open University, UK)

*    Yiannis Kompartiasis (CERTH-ITI, Greece)

*    Dimitre Kostadinov (Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, France)

*    Jan Korst (Philips Research, The Netherlands)

*    Thomas Risse (L3S Research Center, Germany)

*    Raphael Troncy (Eurecom, France)

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