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* [2011-03-31 12:56:51 +0200] Francisco Javier López Pellicer <> écrit:

] I'm looking for some references about SPARQL endpoint discovery. I know 
] that it is common to have the SPARQL endpoint available at /sparql. 
] However, I wonder if there is something published about the discovery of 
] these endpoints (e.g. how sindicebot works, or discovery of endpoints 
] used in Web forms).

The void vocabulary lets you speficy the sparql endpoint 
containing a particular dataset.

A related question is SPARQL endpoint fingerprinting... Which
is not necessarily straightforward as often people put them
behind HTTP reverse proxies that stomp on identifiable 
headers... In principle it would be interesting to do a 
survey to see the relative prevalence of different SPARQL

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