Re: Why skolemization?

On 2011-03-30, at 13:22, Richard Cyganiak wrote:

> (catching up with the thread)
> On 27 Mar 2011, at 04:50, Steve Harris wrote:
>> RDF needs a way to mint onetime unique identifiers (a la AUTO_INCREMENT columns in RDBMS')
> Why does *RDF* need this? You seem to talk about a SPARQL store use case, so shouldn't it be in SPARQL?

Good point, but the usecase is not limited to SPARQL, it's just as relevant to Linked Data, e.g. Sandro's case.

> So in SPARQL Update, in addition to the current ways of adding data:
>  INSERT DATA { (RDF goes here) }
> there could be an additional option:
>  INSERT DATA AUTO_URI { (RDF goes here) }

Right, but that doesn't help e.g. FOAF publishers, unless they're hosting their FOAF data in a SPARQL store. We do that, but I'm not sure many others do.

> And this makes the store mint unique URIs (be it tag: or bnode: or http: in a configurable space). I suppose a store could have a preference that makes AUTO_URI the default.

That's not a bad suggestion at all, but maybe shouldn't overload bNode syntax.

- Steve

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