Re: Why skolemization?

On 27 Mar 2011, at 18:17, Sandro Hawke wrote:
> If I say
>        store.load("")
>        store.load("")
> and g1 and g2 happen to return the same g-text containing bnodes, maybe:
>        _:x foaf:knows _:y
> then yeah, we'll have to Skolemize them differently.
> But if I say:
>        store.load("")
> and then repeat it:
>        store.load("")
> and it get the same g-text, I think it's appropriate for the store to
> use the same Skolem constants.

That's an implementation issue. If a store wants to do something smart to skolemize to the same constant, fine. But that's orthogonal to the discussion here.


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