RE: Status of SAWSDL and standards for semantic models?

Certainly it's used, though I'd debate 'unambiguous'.

As well as OWL, plain RDFS (and some constrained variants in between) and SPARQL graph patterns are used. For the latter see the survey at


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Subject: Status of SAWSDL and standards for semantic models?

I am interested in knowing more about the current state of Semantic
Annotations for WSDL and XML Schema (SAWSDL [1]). The approach seems
lightweight and builds a bridge between "regular" web
services/XML-schemas and semantic models. One of the benefits is that
it creates an unambiguous link between e.g. a schema element and its

Does anybody use SAWSDL today?

SAWSDL does not seem to require a specific language for the semantic
model. Apart from OWL, what other model languages could be used to
express the model?




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