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Hi Keith,

On 14/03/11 13:18, Keith Alexander wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 8:28 AM, Martin Hepp
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>> Hi Dieter:
>> There are several ontology repositories available on-line, but to my knowledge they all suffer from two serious limitations:
>> 1. They do not rate ontologies by quality/relevance/popularity, so you do not get any hint whether foaf:Organization or foo:Organization will be the best way to expose your data.
> Schemacache[1] used to order results by the number of documents
> Sindice found it it, but this wasn't terribly effective; what we want
> is  something more like "number of individual publishers using term X"
> rather than "number of individual documents using term X".

The new Sindice search frontend provides a first solution towards this 
problematic. Sindice allows you to group search results per domain. See 
[1,2] as examples. It is not yet perfect, nor optimal, but this is a 
first try, and this might be useful for your scenario.
We are currently focussing our effort in Sindice towards what we call 
dataset search. The dataset/domain grouping is a first step towards this 
big picture. We will add additional features in the future, like a more 
detailled summary of the datasets, e.g., its inter-relations with other 


Renaud Delbru

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