Re: Criteria for a good JSON RDF serialisation

* Nathan wrote:
>I'd suggest that this illustrates exactly why we should either go for a 
>serialization which encourages using RDF tooling, or stick to simple 
>objects, and /not/ do anything in the middle.
>In the "RDF in JSON" case, well you'd just use the SPARQL query. has an
example how that might look like if JavaScript had some support for data
structure processing, the script linked at the bottom turns SPARQL JSON
results into some more palatable format and then uses protoviz to render
the data. SPARQL query and the rest of the code are in:

I didn't include the libraries I used though, see the link above for
some pre-processed versions. Processing the SPARQL output would have
been okay-ish with jsinq if you could define function objects using some
simple syntax like `x => x` like you can do in C# or Haskell or ...
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