Re: ANN: Spark library for visualizing the Semantic Web (dev preview)

Good stuff Denny.

It reminds me of the work of colleagues, back in 2008 [1] (they did not 
go further than a small prototype, but I think it's usable).

Also, I like the example with the 20 largest cities by population and 
their state. Zirkow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is by fat the most 
populated city in the world with 2,147,483,647 inhabitants!
In fact, this is certainly a bug in the dbpedia extraction tool. It 
apparently maps the attributes Einwohner in the Infobox "German 
location" to population, but it seems this attribute is not used "as 
is". See for instance the source of Windeck:

|Einwohner         = 2000995

which corresponds to the population given by dbpedia.
For Zirkow, there is:

|Einwohner         = 710<!-- Bitte nicht per Hand aktualisieren: 

which seems to indicate that the population is updated automatically (I 
don't understand the MediaWiki template language).

[1] Faisal Alkhateeb and Sébastien Laborie. Towards extending and using 
SPARQL for modular document generation. ACM Symposium on Document 
Engineering 2008: p164-172.

Le 04/03/2011 20:52, Denny Vrandecic a écrit :
> We are announcing a developer's preview of the
>    Spark library for visualizing SPARQL result sets
> This might not sound truly exciting, but bare with me for a moment, it really is kinda cool:
> Spark is a fully HTML5 compliant JavaScript library which allows you to include results from SPARQL queries in any website (as a "spark"), or, by using the QCrumb, data from any RDF file out there. Spark provides an easy extensible mechanism to define renders for SPARQL result sets.
> A preliminary documentation, links to the source code, and much more can be found here:
> <>
> If you just want to see the examples, just click here:
> <>
> And don't forget to view source on the examples.
> We are looking for developers helping in our effort! Especially we don't yet fully cover all the browsers, we don't really deal with XML based results, etc., there is lots of things to do. If you want to help us out, drop us an email.
> Have a great weekend!
> Denny and Andreas

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