Hacker's Bootcamp @ WIMS'11

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Herewith we would like to encourage you to participate at the

 *International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (
WIMS'11 <https://wims.vestforsk.no>)*

May 25 - 27, 2011, Sogndal, Norway

Regular registration is open now, please visit
ttp://wims.vestforsk.no/reg.html <http://wims.vestforsk.no/reg.html>

One of the several attractions <http://wims.vestforsk.no/pro.html> of the
WIMS'11 is:

*Perl Hacker's Bootcamp @ WIMS'11*

Perl is a mature programming language with a strong history as a hacker's
"swiss army chainsaw", a favorite system administrator's tool, but also
suitable for creating highly scalable web applications, for data analysis
and for computational linguistics. Importantly, CPAN is arguably the
software world's best established repository for free software, and has a
strong social QA process.

A small community of Semantic Web practioneers have created a number of good
Perl tools, and we have invited some of the leaders of this community to
host a "hacker's bootcamp" to help you get going writing practical

Amongst these tools are parsers, serializers, storage layer and a low-level
API for working with RDF. We also have a SPARQL 1.1 implementation that will
be one of the first conformant implementations. We can further bind to the
Redland C library to take advantage of the speed it offers. We have a simple
test framework, and web server frameworks for serving Linked Data and for
setting up SPARQL endpoints. There is a cutting-edge RDFa parser, along with
modules to lift data using GRDDL, microformats, microdata. We can also
export RDF to many other formats. Finally, we have a very interesting stack
for using WebID to limit access to parts of a graph. In the works, there are
reasoners, RDFa-based templating and high-level APIs.

Organiser:  Kjetil Kjernsmo  University of Oslo, Norway

WIMS'11 Contact:
Vestlandsforsking, PO Box 163, NO-6851 SOGNDAL, NORWAY
Phone: +47 916 85 607
E-mail: wims11@vestforsk.no
URL: wims.vestforsk.no <http://www.vestforsk.no>

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