Re: Linked Data Book: HTML Version Live at (was: Re: ANN: New book about Linked Data published)

On 3/2/11 8:32 AM, Tom Heath wrote:
> Hi all,
> As promised in Chris's original mail, the freely accessible HTML
> version of the Linked Data book went online yesterday at:
> Today the text has been enhanced with some basic RDFa markup using
> BIBO, FOAF and DC terms vocabularies:
> <>
> Links to access/order electronic and hard copies of the book are also
> listed on the site.
> We'd like to thank the publisher Morgan&  Claypool for agreeing to
> this version of the book being made freely accessible.
> Hope you enjoy the book :)
> Cheers,
> Tom Heath and Christian Bizer.


Here's what I see so far re. Linked Data dog-fooding:

--  resource description (note navigation control at the bottom re. paging)

-- a different view showing some of the effects of dropping this 
resource into URIBurner's data space

3. -- 
current URIBurner Zeitgeist

4. -- random PivotViewer page 
generated from text pattern search

5. -- variant of above based on 
SPARQL query

6. -- edit link should you want 
to tweak the SPARQL that serves the PivotViewer control.

BTW - Adding "linkeddata" to you list of 
<> property values will increase SDQ 
(serendipitous discovery quotient) etc.. For instance, I could then make 
a query based on things associated with a Tag where the Tag label 
contains "linkeddata" which will result in a much richer Linked Data 
graph than what I've used in the examples above :-)



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