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Re: Hackers - Re: Schema.org considered helpful

From: AzamatAbdoullaev <abdoul@cytanet.com.cy>
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 09:13:40 +0300
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HS: "I gave a talk on the philosophy of the Social Web if you are interested."

For the specifics of TBL's motto, "the web as a philosophical engineering", see Harry's article:
Some interesting assertions: "we are not analyzing a world, we are building it. We are not experimental philosophers, we are philosophical engineers." ; "online intelligence is generated through complex causal interaction in an extended brain-body-environment system"; "The Web is ...the creation and evolution of external representations in a universal information space". 
I'd extend: if the the world wide web is "a universal information space", the semantic/ontological web is a universal knowledge space.
And we need avoid confusing four fields: philosophical engineering, philosophy of engineering, engineering philosophy, and engineering of philosophy.

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  On 17 Jun 2011, at 19:27, adasal wrote:

    That said the hacker is a various beast, 

  Indeed, hackers are not angels. But the people on this list should get back to hacking or work together with open source projects to get initial minimal working pieces embedded there. WebID is one; foaf is another, pingback, access control, ...
  Get the really simple pieces working.

    and I wonder if this sort of thing can really be addressed without overarching political/ethical/idealogical concerns. It's tough. 

  It all fits together really nicely. I gave a talk on the philosophy of the Social Web if you are interested.

  Hackers tend to be engineers with a political attitude, so they are more receptive to the bigger picture. But solving the big picture problem should have an easy entry cost if we want to get it going. 

  I talked to the BBC but they have limited themselves to what they will do in the Social Web space as far as profile hosting goes. Again, I'd start small. Facebook started in universities not that long ago.


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