Enterprise semantics


I was wondering if there is a real business application, framework or
whatever who takes 'semantic' techniques
or semantic back ends and triple stores for doing something useful in such a
way where an explicit or implicit
advantage over using actual RDBMSs or ORM tools can be acknowledged.

Can 'semantics' be leveraged with such a layer in a way where the
'knowledge' expressed in those triples is in
some way useful to an application developer who needs to expose some
functionality to end users in the form
of use-cases and there 'semantics' make a real difference?

Aren't we needing some kind of 'on-rails' approach where we 'know' not only
for the pure pleasure of 'knowing'
but in the aim of doing something useful in the pursue of a users needs
requirements purpose. What we lack
here are application 'standards', patterns or guidelines in which one could
base an application development
specification proposal that can be presented to some manager in the hope to
be successfully accepted as
a solution addressing some needs, and not to be scared because it will
surely be rejected because it is not
an enterprise or business level specification because of being based on
inmature or non-standard ways.

Are there some efforts in achieving such goals that I'm missing?

Meanwhile, trying to oversimplify, there are some Semantic-ORM like
techniques we are trying to develop,
including a higher level object graph navigation language with semiotic

Sebastián Samaruga - Cognescent

Received on Wednesday, 1 June 2011 22:14:57 UTC