Re: Fwd: Looking for the right RDF store(s)

On 25/02/11 13:23, Mark Wallace wrote:
> The license agreement link seems to say that SwiftTREE is free to use
> and re-distribute as part of SwiftOWLIM:
>     "SwiftTRREE is licensed for use free of charge as an integral part
>     of SwiftOWLIM. Re-distribution of SwiftTRREE in any form, except as
>     part of the original SwiftOWLIM distribution package, is strictly f
>     forbidden. "
> I understand this to mean that you can even provide SwiftOWLIM as part
> of a distribution to a customer.
> Mark Wallace

Yes, but when Markus used the term "free software" I took him to mean
[1] and not the "free beer" [2] sense.

If SwiftOWLIM requires SwiftTRREE it wouldn't be free. Err, free [1] :-)

Apologies to Markus if I misunderstood his initial request.


[1] <>

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