RE: IUCN Red List and national Red Lists in RDF

Hello Yury,

I'm managing the EUNIS database previously mentioned by Richard Cyganiak. You can download the species data from When you have done that and looked at the data you'll see that we have mapped some species to IUCN numbers as used here: If you map your Ukrainian species to EUNIS then you can import the IUCN numbers into your own database.

We would likewise be interested in linking to your national Red List information as a neighbourhood project.

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|| Hello everyone!
|| I have several question about biological linked data.
|| We want to start a project in RDFizing the Ukrainian National Red Book
|| and regional Red Books of the former Soviet Union Republics. I have a
|| question about that: does anybody know where the International IUCN
|| Red List or similar data about the rare, endangered, endemic and
|| extinct species can be found?
|| Another question is about species themselves: have anybody seen the
|| information about species distribution in structured or
|| semi-structured forms? In other words the information about where the
|| animals and plants live. I know only Geospecies are there more
|| datasources?
|| Sincerely yours,
|| Yury V. Katkov
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